Preventative Care

Podiatry consultations are important to detect such things as early onset diabetes and any pain and discomfort associated with movement.

it important to get our feet checked because;

There is a greater chance of getting infections and having inflammatory conditions as well as skin disorders.

Once we get over certain age the incidence of developing foot problems greatly increases.

As we age, it becomes more difficult for us to do self-examination and general foot care, thus we need to use a professional to do it for us.

Other health conditions that affect and cause problems in the feet and need a Podiatry consultation as we identify:

Neurological and vascular disorders – ie blood flow to the feet, sensitivity in the foot, feeling in the feet, pulse etc.

Structure and function of the joints and neuromuscular function in the foot.

Assess any pain.

Check existing footwear and advice if needed to change.

How daily activities work with the current functional ability of the feet, their condition, adjustments that may need to be undertaken, preventative measures etc.

Check of nails and trimming to prevent potential circulatory problems, ingrown nails.

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